Best Breweries in the North Georgia Mountains

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Searching for an amazing brewery to visit in the Southeast? Ready to discover the best breweries in North Georgia’s beloved Blue Ridge Mountains?

It’s hard to imagine that at one point in time the North Georgia Mountains were home to a number of bootleggers and moonshiners. Even more difficult is to think that they were the only way people had access to any alcohol at all. It’s especially interesting to think about when you consider that the glorious breweries in the area today produce some of the best beers in America today. All legally, of course.

If you’re planning a trip to or through this region of the country, you need to do yourself a favor. You need to be sure to check out one of the local breweries. If you have the time, then you need to add at least one, if not all of these spots on your list of places to visit when in North GA.

Here’s our list of the top 3 breweries in the North Georgia Mountains.

1. Grumpy Old Men Brewing

North GA Breweries

Grumpy Old Men Brewing is a top-notch brewery and earns the premier spot on our list of the best in the area. Founded in 2012, this wonderful little addition to Main Street in Blue Ridge has carved out a name for themselves. It is a grand establishment that just had to be first on our list.

The brewery has some of the best seasonal beers around. Whether it’s summertime and you’re looking for a solid IPA to cool your thirst or it’s wintertime and you want a perfect porter to warm you up, Grumpy Old Men Brewing has what you need. Their original recipes are favorites of the locals who all know exactly where to go to get the best brew in the area.

The Perfect Hangout Spot

While the beer here is spectacular, the atmosphere inside this medium-sized establishment is also great and there is always an event going on. The brewery hosts everything live music, yoga classes, and everything in between.

If you’re looking for somewhere to meet up with friends and family while you are traveling the area, then look no further because this is the perfect spot for you. This brewery is just big enough to host minor events, and there’s plenty of room for a group to get together. However, they’re still small enough to remain cozy and comfortable for everyone.

This brewery in Blue Ridge is also very dog friendly, which is a great plus for those campers who brought their fur buddies along for the trip to the great outdoors.

2. Cherokee Brewing and Pizza Company

Craft Beer in North Georgia

The Cherokee Brewing and Pizza Company may be second on our list, but it’s rated highly in our hearts. It’s one of the best breweries in the North Georgia mountains.

The décor and atmosphere of this spot are wonderful, eye-catching, and comfortable. The pizza is also incredible and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better alternative anywhere else in the area.

Located in Dalton, GA, this craft brewery has over 24 beers on tap for your taste buds to enjoy – and enjoy them they surely will. In addition to having a few offerings of their own on the tap list, they also feature a variety of other local brews as well.

A Place for Pizza

The counter-style service may seem a bit awkward to those who prefer to be pampered and want a luxury sitdown experience. However, for regular folks who just want a great family-friendly environment in which the kids can play in the arcade while they enjoy some great craft beers, this is the prime spot.

At Cherokee Brewing and Pizza, you’ll walk in, place your food order, and seat yourself. Then, you can visit the knowledgeable bartender to pick the first beer you’ll try during your visit.

If you’re unfamiliar with the labels on the list, then the bartenders will be armed with extremely helpful suggestions. They’ll be able to steer you towards a choice that will appease your pallet and compliment your choice of pizza.

Then, you’ll just need to sit back for the brief wait for your pizza to be cooked-to-order in their wood fire pizza oven. The pizza comes out piping hot and fresh with a perfectly crispy crust. It also has just the right amount of sauce and a generous helping of toppings.

Overall, Cherokee Brewing and Pizza is a wonderful establishment that everyone should visit at least once when they visit the area. They have earned a solid reputation for themselves, even being voted the number one restaurant in Dalton on Tripadvisor. With those recommendations and the glowing reviews, it is no wonder that this is a favorite hangout for locals and tourists alike.

3. Fightingtown Tavern

Fightingtown Tavern

Next up on our list of breweries in the North Georgia mountains, is this hard to beat rock n’ roll bar. Fightingtown Tavern offers brews and liquors from a variety of local establishments. However, they also have a few recipes of their own up their sleeves. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a competing bar with as much to offer.

They have large screen televisions that are typically tuned to sports teams from the surrounding areas. They also have the drive to help and give back to the community. As a result, this brewery is one of the best around.

The brewery supports and partners with local organizations dedicated to the rescue and adoption of pets of all kinds. This includes the Humane Society of Blue Ridge and also the Tri-State Pet Rescue.

The establishment would also love for your dogs to join you as you lounge around the patio or inside the bar area itself. They won’t bat an eye when you slip Fido a little treat straight from your plate.

Don’t Forget the Food

In addition to having great drinks, the food is amazing. Everything in the kitchen that can be is all sourced locally. It is the definition of farm to table.

Everything from the fresh greens grown closeby to the locally raised meats that together make up the superb menu is all excellent. The offerings are unbeatable in their rich flavors.

Since they source them locally, their menu changes along with what is in season. Although some staples, like their killer burgers, are available year-round.

Like Grumpy Old Men Brewing, Fightingtown is also one of the best spots that Blue Ridge has to offer. However, keep in mind that it tends to be a bit touristy during the busy seasons and it is so popular that you may have to wait for a table. However, if you do, you’ll be in for a treat.

Final Thoughts

So, the only question now is which brewery will you visit first?

No matter which brewery from our list you visit on your next trip, you are in for a genuine treat. They all have superb craft beers on tap and their kitchens are full of nothing but the best foods available.

The next time you find yourself looking for great breweries in the North Georgia mountains, you’ll know exactly where to go to experience the best brews in the area. Any of these choices will make your trip worth it and you’ll be sure to thank us for steering you in the right direction afterward.

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